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Qualifications for Membership

The Wakefern Federal Credit Union was established in 1962. Our current field of membership includes all Wakefern Food Corporation employees and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Food Haulers, Inc. National Transport Services Company, all PriceRite store employees as well as ShopRite store employees if their owners have signed up with the Credit Union. Please contact the Credit Union office if you would like to find out if you are eligible to take advantage of the services the Credit Union offers.

Our field of membership is limited to associates of Wakefern Food Corporation and ShopRite and PriceRite as specified below.

  • Wakefern Food Corporation - All Locations
  • Food haulers
  • NTS
  • PriceRite - All Stores
  • ShopRite - Stores as shown by Owner and Store number here.

To become a credit union member:

  • Complete an Application for Membership
  • Complete a payroll deduction form
  • Make a check or money order payable to the Wakefern Federal Credit Union in the amount of $6.00  --  of which $5.00 opens your account and $1.00 is the fee
  • Submit all the above to the credit union office with copies of 2 forms of ID, one of which MUST be an unexpired government issued ID with a photo. All photocopies must be readable; and the name and address on your ID must match the name and address you are providing on the Application for Membership.

Credit union members may choose to have:

  • Automatic payroll deduction
  • Electronic direct deposit or direct debits
  • Free checking
  • Free ATM card (Note: you are not required to have checking in order to have an ATM card. It can be linked to savings only if desired).
  • Secondary savings accounts, for vacation savings, holiday savings, etc.

Credit union members who want to open a share draft/checking account:

  • Complete an Account Change Card, selecting the "add a service" option on the front, making the appropriate selections on the back.  Be sure to sign where indicated.
  • Complete a check order form.
  • Complete a payroll deduction form. In the box next to the $ sign, enter the total amount to be deducted from your check for all credit union accounts. In the bottom section, indicate how the deduction is to be distributed between your share/savings and share draft/checking accounts.
  • Submit completed forms to the credit union office with your check or money order for $65.00 to open the account.

Click here to download our New Member Account packet.

Our Mission:

Providing outstanding service, one member at a time.

Call us at 877-211-6999 option 1 to access your account via the Audio Response System