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Online BankingGet 24/7 access to your account with online banking.

Audio/Online Banking

Access our Audio Response system by calling 908-527-3749 or toll free 877-211-6999 (Press Option 1 for Audio Response)

The Wakefern FCU Audio Response system allows you to check your account and loan balances, review account history, transfer funds within your account, complete a check withdrawal request, and retrieve dividend and interest information and more.

Audio Response Tips & Transaction Codes:

Follow all entries with the # key

The System will prompt you to enter your account number & authorization code (If you need assistance with your account number or authorization code, please contact a Credit Union Representative at 908-527-3749, Option 2)


  • Savings = 0 (Refer to your account statement if you have multiple savings shares)
  • Checking = 9
  • Loan = (Refer to your account statement for your loan suffix)
  • When entering dollar amounts, use the * key as the decimal point, follow with the cents, end with #
  • Yes = 9# No = 6#
79# Savings Withdrawal 39# Checking Withdrawal
787# Savings to Checking Transfer 785# Savings to Loan Transfer
Balance Inquiries:  
74# Savings Balance 34# Checking Balance
54# Loan Balance 576# Loan Payoff Status
History Inquiries:  
58# Last Transaction 334# Checking Deposits
573# Savings Deposits 534# Checks Cleared
579# Last Savings Withdrawal 539# Last Checking Withdrawal
572# Last Payroll Deduction 523# Last ACH Deposit
532# Last Dividend Amount 533# Last Checking Deposit
364# Check Number Inquiry  
Dividends & Interest:  
933# YTD Share Dividends 943# YTD Loan Interest
793# Prior YTD Share Dividends 794# Prior YTD Loan Inrterest
746# Change Authorization Code  
297# Place Withdrawal Restrictions  

Onlince Banking Access

Access Online Banking by clicking on the “Online Banking Login” button from the top of the page.


The Wakefern Federal Credit Union’s Online Banking System allows you to view your account and loan balances, review account history, transfer funds within your account and complete a check withdrawal request.

First Time Set Up:

Click on the “Sign Up Now” link

The System will prompt you to enter some current account information. If you have not provided the credit union will an updated email address, this must be supplied before you are allowed to sign up. (If you are unsure of the email address you provided to the Credit Union, please contact a Credit Union Representative).

Enter your name exactly as it appears on your credit union statement (All upper case letters).

Create your own User ID (at least 6 but no more than 12 characters) & Password (alpha/numeric and at least 8 but no more than 10 characters).  Your User ID and Password are case sensitive.

You will be prompted to set up Multifactor Authentication (Picture, phrase and 3 challenge questions)

Enable “Forgot My Password” function by clicking on the “Your Preferences” tab. To the right of the page, Click on “Password Reset” to setup your password reset challenge question.

To sign up for eStatements, go to “Your Preferences”, “eStatement Selection” and change the service from Mail to Electronic.

Call us at 877-211-6999 option 1 to access your account via the Audio Response System